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Welcome to Das Tiffin Projekt, a Berlin initiative to reduce waste produced by take-away.

The team behind Das Tiffin Projekt are: Mustafa, Anna and Veronika from the ECO Brotbox. We are already huge advocates for waste prevention and are proud to offer a sustainable alternative to plastic food containers and disposable packaging with our toxin-free stainless steel lunch boxes.

It all began in early 2014 when Mustafa was tired of plastics full of BPA and other toxins being around his food and family. After searching for quite some time for a good alternative, he came across the stainless steel container from India. These boxes are hardly a new concept, being used by Indians for over 100 years it was clear the product had proved its worth. Mustafa decided to bring these practical boxes to Germany, here we worked on the project to try and have a healthy and environmentally friendly future. Having already succeeded at making garbage and plastic free lunch boxes we are now able to start exploring ways to change the take-away world for the better. That is why we started our crowdfunding campaign at the end of May 2015 where we collected 30,000 Euros to kick start the project. The project is also sponsored by promotion funds ”Trenntstadt Berlin” of the Stiftung Naturschutz Berlin.

Our goal is to contribute to the protection and preservation of the environment so together we can make the world a better place. This means less waste and less pollution for a brighter future. At Das Tiffin Projekt we not only want to reduce waste and its negative impact, but also educate society so that we can lead a more conscious lifestyle. This is a sure way to make a long term difference.

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