General Questions

Where and under what conditions are the boxes produced?

The Tiffin boxes are designed by ECO Brotbox and produced by German standards, in fair conditions and sustainably manufactured by a family business in India. We love visiting india and spending time with our India team, our company director Mustafa often flies over to check the working conditions are still fair. The workers employed get a fair wage that is higher than the official minimum wage and of course, no children are employed in the production. For more information, watch this video we made during our time there: (

What material are the boxes? Are they free of pollutants?

For our products are nothing but the highest quality stainless steel AISI 204Cu, a chrome-nickel alloy with approximately 16.5% chromium and 2% nickel content. Due to the low nickel content of our products are safe for many people who have nickel allergies. We don’t use any lead or cadmium or any other harmful substances so your packed foods don’t come into contact with any chemicals. Our products are German GALAB Laboratories material certified for absolute food authenticity.

How is the project financed?

The initial funding for the project was in 2015 with our crowdfunding fundraiser. Here we collected €30,000 to kick things off. Das Tiffin Projekt is also supported by ECO Brotbox and Trenntstadt Berlin by the Stiftung Naturschutz Berlin. Now the project has stepped out of the pilot phase and into the officially launched project, we are funded mostly by partner restaurants.ants.

Participation for customers

How can I participate as a take-away customer?

Participation is just as easy as any other take-away purchase. Register online and order your meal in the Tiffin box from one of our partner restaurants, return the box when you are finished. If you prefer you can buy a Tiffin box from one of the partner restaurants or online at, this way you will no longer need to worry about returning the box.

Why do I need to register?

With a registration, you can borrow a Tiffin box from all participating restaurants, it’s uncomplicated and pay per day of use. Using this information we can then know who is in possession of our boxes and ensure they will eventually find their way back to us. Your information will be only used for the stated purpose and strictly confidential.

Are there any hidden costs?

It’s free for the moment. With the introduction of our Das Tiffin Projekt App, you will eventually support our project with a small daily contribution. When you sign up to become a member, we securely take your paypal or credit card details. When the box is rented we simply take the amount of days the Tiffin box has even rented for and send you a receipt. You can track all your payment history through the app as well.

Participation for restaurants

How can I participate as a restaurant owner?

Information on participation can be found here. Just fill out the contact form, we will get back to you with more details and our recommendation on how the project can fit into your restaurant.

What does it cost to participate as a restaurant at Das Tiffin Projekt?

Your restaurant receives a Tiffin starter kit from us. This includes your Tiffin boxes and free promotional materials (for example: information flyers & registration forms). Per box per month you’ll pay € 1.50 for the use of the boxes, administration support and at times we will advertise your restaurant as Tiffin partner. You can find more detailed information here.

What is required by me if I participate?

We have tried to make sure there is almost no preparation required by you. You only need to find a place to display the flyers and boxes and ensure they are clean before use.

Why should my restaurant participating in Das Tiffin Projekt? What are the advantages?

We hope, like us you’re interested in a helping environment and clean eating. But of course, we are aware that your participation must pay off economically as well. In this case we have a large network of members who are eager to find near by partner restaurants, they will also be returning their boxes within days which hopefully means you have returning customers. We also provide you additional Tiffin boxes at discounted rates so that you can sell them in your restaurant, this will put you on our retailers list which also gives customers more need to come into your restaurant. We advertise frequently in magazines, on the radio, through social media and will gladly add your logo to our homepage as a proud supporter & partner.