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Make your next take-away
meal waste free with
Das Tiffin Projekt.


Das Tiffin Projekt makes your take-away meals fresh, healthy and waste free with reusable stainless steel boxes available for you to borrow at any time. Pop into your nearest Tiffin partner restaurant and get your next meal without disposable packaging by ordering with Das Tiffin Projekt. It’s easy to use and good for the environment.

If you're a restaurant owner and want to become a partner or if you're a take-away customer and would like to become a member and enjoy your food in a reusable tiffin box, click below:

 Partner Member

How it works

1. Register
Register online and use your member ID
to borrow a Tiffin Box in one of
our partner restaurants
2. Get Meal
Just taste • No waste -
Enjoy your waste-free
meal in a Tiffin Box
3. Return
Return the box on your
convenience and pay only € 0,50
each day used

Tiffin Restaurants

We try and make being healthy and environmentally conscious as simple as possible. Below is a map to help you find your local Das Tiffin Projekt partner restaurants. Just register online and enjoy your food the environmentally friendly way - without packaging waste.

If you want to become a partner restaurant or have any partner suggestions we’d love to hear from you at partner@dastiffinprojekt.org or info@dastiffinprojekt.org.


      Why should you participate in the Tiffin Project as a member?

      Environmental Protection. It’ s so simple to be environmentally conscious in everyday life. With each use of Tiffin Box you avoid about 30g garbage. Set an example and take part!

      Convenience. We don't want you to loose the convenience of take-away. That’s why you can easily borrow a Tiffin box in each partner restaurant.

      Easy transport. The Tiffin box is easy to transport with the carrying handle. If anything is left over, simply take it with you. If you don't finish your whole meal, just pop the lid back on and put it in the fridge for tomorrow.

      Delicious food. In the stainless steel box your take-away does not only look more appetising but is also kept fresh.

      No harmful substances. With the Tiffin box you avoid harmful plastic toxins in your food. Your body will thank you.

      New restaurants. With the help of our Tiffin network you will get to know many new restaurants. We are constantly getting more partner restaurants, find new ones on our website and facebook page.


      Das Tiffin Projekt is initiated by ECO Brotbox.

      You’re not limited to borrowing the Tiffin boxes. Feel free to purchase your own at the ECO Brotbox online shop. All our partner restaurants accept any clean Tiffin box purchased from ECO Brotbox.



      by Das Tiffin Projekt
      Together we the biggest impact!

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