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Welcome to Das Tiffin Projekt.  A Berlin based initiative to reduce waste produced by take-away. Register with us below.

We have all contributed to the unnecessary amounds of packing waste and feel bad about it, but don't want to stop enjoying the convenience of a spontaneous take-away meal. We knew it must be possible to still indulge in a delicious take-away meal but not have piles of plastic and aluminium foil when your finished. Indeed it is, we have started a local initiative called Das Tiffin Projekt aimed at keeping garbage away from your food.

How this works? Very easily. In participating partner restaurants you have a choice between a conventional disposable packaging and our Tiffin Box. You can decide spontaneously on the spot which you prefer. You can either use our uncomplicated rental system and borrow for free* from the restaurant a clean stainless steel container. Or, you can simply purchase your take-away food as you normally would receive it in plastic or aluminium packaging. There is also the third option of buying your own Tiffin box on the spot. The stainless steel box provides plenty of space for your entire meal, is robust and has a convenient carrying handle (Which means no need for a superfluous plastic bag). This way you can reduce waste and help the environment in a simple day to day task.

And don't worry, the return is simple and straightforward: after enjoying your meal you can dispense the box back to your partner restaurant when you’re ready, be it later that day or later that week. In India, these containers have been used daily for over 100 years, so why shouldn't we benefit from the advantages of Tiffin boxes?

Just Taste • No Waste

* It’s free at the moment. With the introduction of our Das Tiffin Projekt App, you will support our project with a small contribution of 1€ rental fee per day starting from the second rental day. If you return your box on the same day, it’s completely free for you. The total amount you can quite easily and securely pay by PayPal or credit card.


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Terms & Conditions

1. Requirement for the loan of a Tiffin Box is a prior registration. With the successful registration, the customer is a member of Das Tiffin Projekt.
2. The customer card for the rental is free and not limited in time.
3. In the event that a customer or member losses their card, a fee of € 1 is charged for a new card.
4. The customer is liable to Das Tiffin Projekt in the case of damage, loss or theft of a or any tiffin box/es. I f lost or stolen, the customer will be char ged € 30 to cover the product cost.
5. The rental period is 7 days maximum.
6. If the Tffin Box is not be returned on time: After a period of max. 30 business days or by sending a written notice to the address of the customer, Das Tiffin Projekt is entitled to purchase a new Tiffin Box and invoice it to the customer. The Tiffin Box becomes the property of the customer after the penalty invoice is paid.
7. Das Tiffin Projekt and the lender will not be liable for any damages due to improper use of Tiffin box.
8. The storage and processing of members personal data, which will only be used only for in ternal purposes and will not be disclosed to third parties, in verse tanden.
9. There is no guarantee to the constant availability of Tiffin boxes.
10. If some of the preceding clauses should become in valid completely or partially for some reasons, the remaining clauses will still be in force.