Take-away in the area of gastronomy and environmental awareness do not have to clash. With Das Tiffin Projekt you can easily remove disposable packages from your restaurant. You rent an individual number of boxes, completely customized to the needs of your take-away demands and lend them to your guests.

1. Register

as a partner and
receive starter kit

2. Offer

waste-free take away
the Tiffin Box

3. Benefit

from returning


Don’t just take it from us. See why Das Tiffin Projekt could work for you from some existing happy partners.


Join Das Tiffin Projekt by filling out our 5 minute application form here.



Participating as a partner restaurant is simple and risk free. You only pay for the amount of boxes you need: 1,50€ per box per month. The number of boxes can be adjusted individually to the needs of your restaurant without any hidden costs.

Being part of Das Tiffin Projekt pays off.

Suppose your restaurant serves 100 take-away meals per month and you are already using eco-friendly disposable packaging which costs around 0,35€ per piece. If you borrow 20 Tiffin Boxes instead and use every box 5-times a month you end up with 100 waste-free meals and total cost of 30€, thats a saving of 5€ per month. Only 4 customers per day are enough to cover the cost of the rental fee.

100 x 0,35€ =
35€ per month

20 x 5 =
30€ per month

Fine Print

We offer 1 month free trial period. If Das Tiffin Projekt works for you your loan agreement starts with a minimum number of 10 Tiffin boxes and a minimum duration of 6 months. After this sign up period, your Tiffin plan is totally flexible. If you no longer wish to participate in Das Tiffin Projekt, you can cancel the contract at the end of the month (please note that we require a processing time of 10 days). If you want to borrow fewer boxes, or your need has increased simply send us an email and we will adjust your number of boxes and the loan agreement as quickly and effortlessly as possible.

Apply as a new partner restaurant here. We will contact you as soon as possible and equip you with everything you need to remove disposable packaging from your restaurant.

Just taste • No waste


Why should you participate in the Tiffin Project?

Green Image. Your restaurant benefits from a positive image. Because you advocate protecting the environment!

New & returning customers. Through our network Tiffin new customers will pay attention to your restaurant. You can be found on our website and social media channels. Thanks to the added value that your restaurant offers with the Tiffin Box, your customers will be happy to come back.

Increased Take-out quality. In the stainless steel Tiffin Box your food does not only look more appetizing but also tastes better than in conventional disposable packaging.

Predictable costs. Through our simple and transparent pricing model it’s easy to keep track of your expenses.

Marketing & Customer Service. We take a part of the marketing for your restaurant by showing it with your logo on our website and our social media channels. We also take over the entire administration of the customers, assist you in all customer questions and replace you boxes. Thus we make sure that you and your customers can be satisfied.